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Deep Pharm-Chem Pvt. Ltd.

An ISO 9001 Certified Company

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An ISO 9001 Certified Company

Bromopropionic Acid Manufacturer & Supplier

We Deep Pharm-Chem Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Organic and Inorganic Compounds of Bromine like 2-Bromopropionic Acid, 3-Bromopropionic Acid, Hydrobromic Acid 48%, Hydrobromic Acid 55%, Hydrobromic Acid 62%, Hydrobromic Acid Gas in Glacial Acetic Acid 33%, Lithium Bromide Anhydrous, Potassium Bromide and Ammonium Bromide.

Deep Pharm-Chem Pvt. Ltd. is dynamic and professionally managed company, nestled in Ankleshwar, Gujarat (India), Chemical Industrial estate and engaged in Manufacturing of especially organic and inorganic compounds of Bromides which are used in the field of pharmaceuticals fine & speciality chemicals.

Deep Pharm-Chem Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 1991 as a small scale company by experienced and qualified technocrats. Deep Pharm-Chem Pvt. Ltd. Started its activities by the manufacturing of Bromobenzene and its main product are 2-BromoPropionic Acid and Hydrobromic Acid with various strength 48%, 55%, 62% and Anhydrous Hydrobromic Acid Gas in Glacial Acetic Acid.

We Deep Pharm-Chem, leading manufacturer of Bromopropionic Acid in India.

Bromopropionic Acid